Tender in a building project

The application Tender supports all types of tenders in the building industry. It is easy to access online on the internet, and comply with all the laws and requirements about tender and licitation in Denmark.

Tender contains a description of terms, material and possibility for the tenderers to ask questions and finally submit their offer. All tenderes are anonymous to eachother, unless you actively choose otherwise. You can setup a tender exactly how you want it. Deadlines on both opening and submitting ensure that the tenderers can't open the tender before the start time, and that submission have to be done before the deadline is exceeded. They can upload their offers until the submission deadline, but we always recommend that you upload as early as possible.  

All created users on Byggeweb can create Tenders. The user who creates the tender will be added as tender administrator and can invite users and change the tender. 
The tender foundation for all tenderers are the tender description, the tender material and the submission requirements, and it is up to the administrator to upload and enter all information correctly. 

Tenderers can be invited to a Tender by the administrator, but the Tender can also be public in RIBs tender portal. To get access to a Byggeweb Tender, you need to have an active user on Byggeweb. When a tenderer has access to a tender, the tender material can be downloaded, colleagues can be invited and the offer can be submitted. 

After the submission deadline the offers will be visible for the administrator who can download and evaluate. Afterwards the administrator have to choose a result. 

All actions in Tender will be logged in the history and can not be changed. The visibility is limited due to the tender rules - and will be fully visible to the administrator when the submission deadline is exceeded. 



If you want to read more about Tender, you can find more guides in our SupportCenter here: Tender

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