System information

As a project administrator you can go to the menu "System information", where you can find useful data from the project. You can see data, statistics, group information and version optimization. 

Project data

Under the menu "Project data" you can see the number of files uploadet to the project. You can also see the selected modules of the project and an overview of the payment.

Project statistics

Under the menu "Project statistics" you can see diagrams of logins, users, file uploads, file downloads and distributed files overall from the start of the project. 

Folder permission by group

Under the menu "Folder permission by group" you can see all the rights in the workspace. You can easily get an overview of the groups permissions to all the folders. 

Group memberships of all users

Under the menu "Group memberships of all users" you can see all the users and the groups they are added to. 

Version optimization

Under the menu "Version optimization" you can version optimize all files in a folder ad a time. This means that all earlier file versions are removed and only the latest version will be available. If you version optimize, earlier file versions can not be recreated. 

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