When you have created an Organisation diagram and connected Areas of Responsibility in the Portfolio connected to the Insight - You can start to create tasks. If this hasn't been done yet, follow the articles below: 
Organization and Areas of Responsibility
Create an Organization

Create a task - How to:

  1. Open Insight
  2. Click "Create task" 
  3. Enter the fields (The fields are explained below the picture)
  4. Click "Send"


Explanation of the fields


  1. Shows the level of the Sender in the Organization diagram, group and name
  2. Shows the level and group of the Receiver
  3. Select the type of Task you want to create (The Receiver is defined by the type)
  4. Enter the deadline of the task (The task will still be active after the deadline, but it will be marked as overdue)
  5. If you are added to more than one contract, you can change the Sender
  6. If you can send to more groups, you can change the Receiver
  7. By marking this box, you can enter the impact on time
  8. By marking this box, you can enter the impact on economy
  9. Enter the subject of the task (max 300 signs)
  10. Enter the reference if you want to refer to other documents (max 200 signs)
  11. Enter the task/question
  12. Save as draft (Other members of the group can see and edit the draft) 
  13. Attach files to the task


Options for the owner of the task

Create task: A task is created and can be send to a receiver

Answer: The task is answered and sent back to the group who created or forwarded the task

Forward: The task is forwarded to the next level and comes back when it has been answered

Decline: The task is not sent to the correct receiver and is declined. It will be sent back to the group who created it

Accept: The answer has been accepted by the group who created it and is closed

Give to someone else: The task is sent to another receiver, who is answering the task. It will not come back to the group who gave it away

Ask for Advice: The task is sent to another receiver who can answer the task. It will come back to the group who asked for advice

Discontinue/regret: The task is discontinued - NB this can't be undone

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