Create an Organization

Create an Organization for you Master Project to create an overview of all the companies and users added to the case. The Organization can also be used to communication between the parties. 

Create an Organization - How to:

  1. Open Portfolio
  2. Click "Organization" in the left side menu
  3. Select either Vælg enten "Blank organization" or choose a template from the list


Create groups and give Areas of Responsibility - How to:

  1. Open Portfolio
  2. Click "Organization" in the left side menu
  3. Click on a role/contract
  4. The Group settings will open, and you have the opportunity to add information:
    • The Organization level can be changed to a similar level ex. the Main Contractor can be swithed to Total Contractor
    • Select the company in the top right corner - You can only choose one per contract
    • Create a Group to the intern groups in the company to gice specific Areas of Responsobility. You can add more groups to one organization
    • Add Areas of Responsibility to the chosen Group


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