Organization and Areas of Responsibility


You can create an Organization diagram for a Master Project, to create an overview. 

There are five different Organization levels:

  • Client
  • Advisor for Client and Special Advisor for Client
  • Main Contractor and Total Contractor
  • Subcontractor, Own Production and System Supplier
  • Supplier

The Organization of the Master Project is shown as a Organization diagram shown sideways with the Client as the highest level to the left, and the Supplier as the lowest level to the right. 


Each role/contract has a 'box' with different information. See the diagram below for a description of the different lines:


Areas of Responsibility (AOR)

Areas of Responsibility is used to specify coomunication ways between two parts in the Organization diagrams.

See the following examples:

Example 1; The Group "Construction Management" is recieving all tasks from the underlying Subcontractors, because they all have "Plumbing" and "B".


Example 2; The Main Contractor have chosen to create two groups, "Technique" with AOR and "Construction Management" with AOR "B". This way the Subcontractor Plumbing will only be able to communicate with the group "Technique"


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