Coordinator - Invite and give user rights

As a Coordinator of the Distribution space you can invite new users to the Distribution space and give access to the Distribution lists you have access to. 

NB! This function needs to be activated on the Project. Contact the Project administrator - and ask them to contact Docia Support via phone +45 35 245 250 or

How to:

  1. Login to
  2. Click "Applications" in the blue toolbar
  3. Select the application "Project"
  4. Under "Ongoing Docia Projects" is the list of the Projects you have access to
  5. Open a Project by clicking on its title
  6. Select the tab "Recipients"
  7. Select the function "Add user to distribution space"
  8. Write the user email and click "Add"
  9. Specify which Distribution list(s) the user needs access to

NB! If a user doesn't have a Docia user profile - an invitation is sent. Until they create a user, you can follow their status under the tab "Invited users".

NB!NB! You can change a users rights by clicking their name under the tab "Recipients" or "Invited users"


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