RIBs Tender portal

It is possible to publish a Public Tender or Prequalification on RIBs Tender portal

By publishing a Tender or Prequalification on the Tender Portal, all people, also persons without a Docia User, will be able to see and access the Tender material. 

How to:

  1. Login to 
  2. Select "Applications" in the blue toolbar and select the application "Tender" 
  3. Click "New" and create a new Tender
  4. Select the type of Tender "Public Tender", "Limited Tender" or "Project competition" and continue the creation of the Tender
  5. When you have to set the "Deadlines and conditions" you get the opportunity to set a "Publication date". This date defines when the Tender/Prequalification is visible on the Tender Portal. 

NB: The RIB Tender Portal is only accessible from our danish website 

The different opportunities are shown below: 

Public Tender: 



Limited Tender: 



Project competition: 


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