Import more than one object at a time

It is possible to import more than one object at a time, but first you need to setup an import definition. 

Setup import definition - How to:

  1. Go to "System information"
  2. Open "Settings, general" and select "User-defined import definitions" 
  3. Click "Create" 
  4. Enter name, contents, first line=2 and last line=999
  5. Click "Forward"
  6. Edit the import definitions columns. The following are mandatory: Name (a unique keyID), Group (object structure ex. (9.) building components) and Object property (Amount of property, ex. area (A))
  7. Click "Forward" and enter the Key column and Finish


When the import definition is setup, you need to import a .csv file.

Importer .csv file - How to:

The .csv-file should be structured as entered on the previous side pt. 7. The first rows is used to define the names for the object data. The rest of the rows is where you want to enter the data of the imported. 

  1. Go to "System information"
  2. Select "User defined data import"
  3. Select a .csv file and click "Forward"
  4. Select the import definition and click forward
  5. Finish with "OK"


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