Plan a recurrent activity

How to:

  1. Select "Planning and executing"
  2. Mark "FM plans"
  3. Click "Create activity"
  4. Select "Periodic activity"
  5. Enter the data
  6. Click "Forward"
  7. Click "Add"
  8. Mark the area for the activity
  9. Click "OK"
  10. Click "Forward
  11. Click "Add"
  12. Mark the instance
  13. Click "OK"
  14. Finish with "OK"

NB: Under the screenshot there will be an explanation of selected items from step no. 1 "New recurring activity".


Explanation of selected items from step 1:

  • FM category: This category is locked with the following subjects:
    • Maintenance: All activities that should be closed with a service report
    • Fire: All activities regarding fire
    • Operations: External inspection
    • Cleaning: Follow-up on cleaning
    • Landscaping: All external maintenance regarding terrain
    • Inspection: External and internal maintenance, urgent maintenance
  • FM type: User defined category determined by FM category
  • SfB: User defined categories
  • Period: How many times per period the activity shows up
    • 1 time per week = 7 days
    • 2 times per month = 14 days
    • 1 time a year = 1 year
  • Planned end date: The activity stops after a specific date. Normally this step is not used
  • Duration: The period of time to execute the task
  • Priority: This can be used for sorting of activity
    • Highest: Mandatory, with a service contract
    • High: Guarantee or insurance related, with a service contract and urgent tasks
    • Normal: Routine tasks, internal and external maintenance, operation
    • Low: Not critical tasks, ex cleaning
    • Lowest: Nice to have
  • Scope = Foundation: Select no, unless the activity is related to recommendations from objects
  • Generate events automatically: If you want to generate a task automatically, click here. Normally this is selected to "Yes", so all activities are executed


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