Setup an organization diagram

The organization diagram gives a better overview and the opportunity to setup more groups in level 2 and 3. 

There can only be one group of users on level 1 - With different rights to the Capture list. 

On level 2 and 3, more groups can be created. The users can also have different rights on level 3. 

Groups across the organization diagram can be linked, so the specific project is set up to the contractual conditions and the organization. 

How to:

  1. Login to
  2. Go the the tab "Applications"
  3. Select the icon/menu "Capture"
  4. Select either "Defect Management"
  5. Click on the list you want to open and go to the menu "Organization"
  1. Every level can be renamed
  2. Every group in a level can be renamed
  3. Groups on the 2nd level can be created by the green plus-icon from level 1
  4. Groups on the 3rd level can be created by the green plus-icon from the 2nd level group and can be connected to this
  5. Groups on level 2 and 3 can be deleted by the red cross icon
  6. You can see a list of users from a group by holding your mouse over the person icon and click to go to a list where users can be added


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