Create several locations for a registration


It is common to find the same defect several places in the construction, and it can be in many rooms and floors. E.g. missing paint work can be a lot of work if you need to create a new registration for every missing spot.

If a defect is found in several places, you have the opportunity to place more locations on the imported drawing in Capture.

NB! The Contractor will not have the opportunity to complete every defect in parts if they are added in one registration. If you need this, it is recommended to copy a registration and create a new registration for every defect.  

Step by Step:

  1. Login to the Docia App and open a list
  2. Create a new registration, and enter the location
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the drawing
  4. Place the first location of the defect
  5. Select the "Plus" icon in the left bottom corner to add another location



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