Enter the data to an Object card

If you need to submit your O&M material through the Digital Handover, it is important to find out which information level your Object is set up to - To know which points you need to enter data for. 

To find this, follow the Step by Step.

How to:

  1. Login to
  2. Select the tab "Applications" in the blue toolbar
  3. Select the application "Digital Handover"
  4. Under the "Digital handover overview" is a list of all the Digital Handovers you have access to
  5. Open the Digital Handover by clicking the title
  6. The colomn "Object card type" shows which level of information the Object needs.How_do_I_enter_data_to_an_Object_card_1of8.png
  7. Click on the Object card where you want to enter data. The Object will open in a new window
  8. Read the information and click "OK"How_do_I_enter_data_to_an_Object_card_2of8.png
  9. Enter the relevant points in the tab "Enter object data depending on the level of the Object. Click "OK" to continue How_do_I_enter_data_to_an_Object_card_3of8.png
  10. Create the instances of the Object. Click "OK" to continueHow_do_I_enter_data_to_an_Object_card_4of8.png
  11. Create recommendations to the Object. Click "OK" to continueHow_do_I_enter_data_to_an_Object_card_5of8.png
  12. Add relevant documents to the Object. "Click "OK" to continueHow_do_I_enter_data_to_an_Object_card_6of8.png
  13. Add relevant photos (JPG only) to the Object. Click "OK" to continueHow_do_I_enter_data_to_an_Object_card_7of8.png
  14. Close the Object card by clicking "Return to list". You will still be able to open the card and edit. This function is used if you need to edit the card more that once. After the edit, click "Ready for quality control". By clicking here, the Object card status will change to "Ready for quality control" and can no longer be edited.How_do_I_enter_data_to_an_Object_card_8of8.png


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