Manage the specification documents to the subcontractors

As a Tenderer it can be nice to have a subcontractor to help calculate an offer. However it is not certain that they need access to all the Tender specification documents.

As a Tenderer you can easily control which Tender material the subcontractor has access to. The changes you make will be active right away and you can easily change this later, after you have invited a subcontractor.

How to:

  1. Login to and open a Tender
  2. Go to the menu "Tender specification material"
  3. Select "Detailed file list" 
  4. Select one or more files
  5. Select the function "Manage file sharing with subcontractors" by the top toolbar
  6. Select the "Suspend sharing of the files selected" or "Resume sharing of the files selected" to the subcontractors
  7. Finish with "OK"


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