Folder permissions in the Workspace

You give rights to the folder structure with the groups in the workspace. There are five different types of rights: 

  • Download files
  • Upload files
  • Move files
  • Delete files
  • Manage folders

There are two different ways to set folder rights - One where you set the rights of the individual folders and one where you set the rights of an entire group.  

Folders - How to:

  1. Open the Project
  2. Select the Workspace and select the folder where you want to set the rights
  3. Click the "Set folder permission"
  4. In a new window, you will be able to set the group permissions of the folders
  5. If the highlighted folder has any subfolders, it is possible to "Copy permissions to all subfolders" and the settings will be set for all subfolders 
  6. Finish with "OK"

NB: Be careful with copying permissions, because you copy all rights, not only the new changes.


Groups - How to:

  1. Highlight the top folder
  2. Select "Set folder permissions"
  3. Select the group
  4. A new window opens and you can set the rights for all folders in the Project
  5. Select the small icons to the left of the "Folder name"
  6. Finish with "OK"



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