Synchronize registrations (App)

The changes you make on a list by phone or tablet, will not automatically update on the list, so other users can see the changes.

You need to manually synchronize your changes to the Docia server. 

NB! We recommend that you synchronize as often as possible, to secure that your data is available to all parts.

NB! NB! When you have unsynchronized registrations, don't delete the app or login with another user.

How to:

  1. Open the app, login and open a list
  2. If you have unsynchronized registrations on the list, the view will be "Awaiting synchronizations", with the number in red.
  3. Select the function "Synchronize"
  4. Select "Yes" by the text box that appears
  5. Select the icon "OK" when the synchronization is done


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