The Version set relations of a file

If you use several Version sets for a Project, and different file versions of the same file is added to different Version sets - You can quckly lose track of what version files are found in which Version sets. 

You can't for example, delete a file before it's removed from a Version set. 

How to:

  1. Login to
  2. Click "Applications" in the blue toolbar
  3. Select the application "Project"
  4. Under "Ongoing Docia Projects" is the list of the Projects you have access to
  5. Open a Project by clicking on its title
  6. Select a file from the Workspace or the Publication space
  7. Select the tab "File log" via the bottom panel
  8. Click on "VERS. SET"

Here is a list of all file versions of a file and the Version sets the files appear in. If you wish to edit this, select the file version. Select "Edit", and choose to remove the file from a Version set, or add it to other Version sets. 

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