Edit files (Metadata, Content and Locking)

In Docia Project it is possible to edit files, both the content of a document directly and/or its metadata. 

Metadata - How to:

  1. Open the project
  2. Navigate to a folder and select one or more files
  3. Select "Edit file information" by the top toolbar
  4. A metadata-window opens where you can edit, and finish with "OK"


Content - How to:

  1. Navigate to a folder and select a file
  2. Select the "Open" by the bottom toolbar
  3. Select "Edit file on server" and select if you want to lock the file with a comment while you edit
  4. The file will open in a program installed on your computer. Edit, save the file, and close the program
  5. Go back to Docia Project and click the link "Save a new file version on the Docia server"


Locking - How to:

  1. Find a folder and select a file
  2. Select the "Lock/Unlock latest file version" by the top toolbar
  3. You can add a comment with why you are locking the file

You can't upload a new file version on a locked file, and it can only be opened by the Project administrator or the user who locked it.
Hold your mouse/arrow over the icon to the left of the file name and see who locked the file, and possibly a comment that describes why it's locked.


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