Edit files (Metadata, Content and Locking)


In Docia Project it is possible to edit files, both the content of a document directly and/or its metadata. 

Step by Step - Metadata:

  1. Open the project
  2. Navigate to a folder and select one or more files
  3. Select "Edit file information" by the top toolbar
  4. A metadata-window opens where you can edit, and finish with "OK"


Step by Step - Content:

  1. Navigate to a folder and select a file
  2. Select the "Open" by the bottom toolbar
  3. Select "Edit file on server" and select if you want to lock the file with a comment while you edit
  4. The file will open in a program installed on your computer. Edit, save the file, and close the program
  5. Go back to Docia Project and click the link "Save a new file version on the Docia server"

Technically the file is saved locally in a temp folder on your computer under C:\Users\xx\byggeweb_live_files, and it's here you make the changes and save the file.
When you click on the link under point 5, the new file will be uploaded from the temp folder as a new version.


Step by Step - Locking:

  1. Find a folder and select a file
  2. Select the "Lock/Unlock latest file version" by the top toolbar
  3. You can add a comment with why you are locking the file

You can't upload a new file version on a locked file, and it can only be opened by the Project administrator or the user who locked it.
Hold your mouse/arrow over the icon to the left of the file name and see who locked the file, and possibly a comment that describes why it's locked.


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