Work with Capture offline (App)

Lack of internet on construction sites is common, so you can of course use Capture offline.

When creating registrations offline, you don't need to take any measures in the app. All information will be saved locally on the phone, and will be sent to the server when you synchronize (Internet connection needed).

Synchronizing the other way around (from server to app) requires that you as a user, do something active while you still have internet connection before you go on your registration round to approve/reject defects.

How to:

  1. Login to the Docia app and open a list
  2. Select the location from the list, and select the "Information" icon to the left
  3. Select if you want to download pictures in high or low quality

You can be sure that all the information you need for the chosen location is downloaded on your phone and available offline.


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