Get an overview of the registrations I need to perform (App)

The created registrations attached to a Trade will be notified by e-mail to the users/contractors of the Trade. The e-mail will contain information about the registrations created within 3 hours, but if you want a full overview of the registrations, you can get this through the app. 

Filter + List - How to:

  1. Open the app, login and open a list
  2. Select the icon "Filter"
  3. Select either a predefined filter or create your own custom by the icon "Plus"


Filter + Drawing - How to:
After choosing a filter, you can see the registration on a drawing, to get a better overview of the location and what order they can be done.

  1. Select the tab "Drawings"
  2. Select a drawing
  3. Select a registration and get more information about it



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