Find files (Search, Filters and Sorting)

If you are looking for some specific files, there is different solutions to find them in Docia Project. 

Search - How to:

  1. Open the project
  2. Select a folder or the filter "Search" 
  3. Select the "Search in Workspace" by the top toolbar
  4. Specify the metadata and any other setting you want to search for 
  5. Select "OK"

The view will be divided with a headline that indicates where in the folder structure the files are. You can save your searches by the bottom right corner. 


Filter - How to:

You can find the predefined filter in the left panel under the folder structure. 
In the Workspace, you have a function "Since last time" with all new file versions divided in weeks. 
In the Publication space you have multiple filters, that indicates the status of the files, like "Files not distributed", "Unpublished file versions" etc. 


Sorting - How to:

If there's a lot of files in the folder, you can quickly sort them by the metadata.



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