Access to a Public Tender or Prequalification

As a user you can apply for access to a Public Tender or a prequalification through Docia Tender.

A Public Tender and Prequalification is published by public advertising, with a detailed Tender notice. 
In the notice there will be a section with an explanation about digital submitting of an offer in Docia Tender and also a TN-number.

You need to create a Docia user to apply, and you can also use your existing user if you have one. If not, go to og select the "New User". 

All danish public tenders and prequalifications are available via our "Public Tenders List". The list appears under "Udbudsportal" by the front of our danish website (


How to:

  1. Login to
  2. Select the tab "Personal space"
  3. In the box "Search for a public tender" - Write the TN-number from the Tender notice
  4. Select the tab "Applications"
  5. Select "Tender"
  6. The Public Tender or Prequalification will be able to access from here


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