Questions and answers

When a tenderer ask a question, you can see and answer it in the menu "Questions and answers".

Answered questions can be seen by all tenderers and can be categorized if you need an overview.  

Export questions and answers - How to:

  1. Access a tender
  2. Select the "Questions and answers"-tab in the left side
  3. Select the "Export Q&A" 
  4. Open the exported word document and answer the questions
  5. Convert to a PDF and upload the document in a folder in the Tender - You can e.g. call it "Corrigendum"


Answer via the "Question and answer"-module - How to:

  1. Access a tender
  2. Click "Questions and answers"-tab in the left side
  3. Go to the "Unanswered questions"
  4. Select the question you want to answer and click "Answer"
  5. Write the answer in the answer-field  
  6. Select the category and finish with "Publish"


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