Create a custom report

There is four different predefined system reports you can use, that all gives the most essential information about the registrations on a list.

As an administrator you can create your own custom report and use it as a template when you pull registrations from the list. 

How to:

  1. Login to
  2. Go the the tab "Applications"
  3. Select the icon/menu "Capture"
  4. Select either "Defect Management" or "Quality Control"
  5. Click on the list you want to open
  6. Select the menu "Setup"
  7. Select the tab "Report"
  8. Select the function "Add"
  9. Enter the name of the report
  10. Select which fields the report should show and the placement
  11. Mark the field "Grouped by location", if you want a drawing or a section with the placement of a registration in the report
  12. Finish with "OK"


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