Split a drawing into sections

When setting up a list, you can split your imported drawing into sections, to e.g. make a big drawing easier to overview.

You can set up a location to a section of a Drawing, so by choosing this, Capture will automatically zoom in on the specified section of the drawing.

How to:

  1. Open a capture list
  2. Go to the menu "Setup"
  3. Go to the tab "Drawings"
  4. Mark an imported drawing and select the function "Section" (Screenprint 1)
  5. Click "Add"
  6. A red square (section) is created, and can be moved by 'drag & hold' the red dot in the middle
  7. Click "Rename" and enter a name for the section and click "OK" (Screenprint 2)
  8. Finish with "OK"



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