Split a drawing into sections

When setting up a list, you can split your imported drawing into sections, to e.g. make a big drawing easier to overview.

You can set up a location to a section of a Drawing, so by choosing this, Capture will automatically zoom in on the specified section of the drawing.

How to:

  1. Login to
  2. Go the the tab "Applications"
  3. Select the icon/menu "Capture"
  4. Select either "Defect Management" or "Quality Control"
  5. Click on the list you want to open
  6. Go to the menu "Setup"
  7. Go to the tab "Drawings"
  8. Mark an imported drawing and select the function "Section" (Screenprint 1)
  9. Click "Add"
  10. A red square (section) is created, and can be moved by 'drag & hold' the red dot in the middle
  11. Click "Rename" and enter a name for the section and click "OK" (Screenprint 2)
  12. Finish with "OK"



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