Filter a list

To create a better overview of all the registration on a list, you can choose to filtrate specific fields in the view.

Create a filter - How to:

  1. Login to
  2. Go the the tab "Applications"
  3. Select the icon/menu "Capture"
  4. Select either "Defect Management" or "Quality Control"
  5. Click on the list you want to open
  6. Select the menu "Registrations"
  7. Hold your mouse over the field of a column and click on the little arrow turning down
  8. Hold your mouse over "Filter" and enter the data of the action


Save a filter - How to:
If you use a specific filter a lot, you can choose to save the filter setting.

  1. Select the function "Options" in the bottom right corner
  2. Select "Save filter as..."
  3. Enter a name for the filter and click "OK"
  4. You can find your saved filter(s) in the drop down menu "Filter" in the bottom right corner


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