Structure the Capture lists

If you have access to more lists, it might be a good idea to structure these to get a better overview. 

At the same time it will make the app faster when you access the lists, because there will be fewer active lists to gather data. 

Create a structure - How to:

  1. Login to
  2. Go the the tab "Applications"
  3. Select the icon/menu "Capture"
  4. Select either "Defect Management" or "Quality Control"
  5. Select the button "Folders" and click "New"
  6. Enter a folder name and click "OK"


Move lists - How to:

  1. Select a list by marking it
  2. Select the button "Capture" and click "Clip"
  3. Select a folder and open it, click "Capture" and click "Paste"



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