Create and give rights to a Version set


Version sets are used for creating documentation for a Project milestone. This is useful for e.g., phase shifts and tender. 

So even if files/folders are updated with new versions or changed you will see how the Project documentation looked like at that time with Version sets. 

You choose the files from either the Workspace or the Publication space when the Version set is set up. 

Step by Step:

  1. Login to
  2. Click "Applications" in the blue toolbar
  3. Select the application "Project"
  4. Under "Ongoing Docia Projects" is the list of the Projects you have access to
  5. Open a Project by clicking on its title
  6. Go to either the Workspace or the Publication space
  7. Select "Version sets" via the left panel
  8. Select "Create version set" via the top toolbar
  9. Create a name for the Version set
  10. Select if the rights should be copied from another Project
  11. Click "Next"

You can give three different user rights to a Version set: 

  • Administrator: Access to read and edit the content and change the settings of the Version set
  • Document coordinator: Access to read and edit the content 
  • Observer: Access to read the content

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