Create an Instance

Enter an instance to describe where in the construction the Object is located.

How to:

If you need to make one or more attachments to a location in the construction, you need to open the Object card.

  1. Click "Create instances"
  2. Click "Create new instance" to create one or more instances.
  3. A new window opens and you will be able to attach the Object to a property, building, floor or room by ticking of the box by the wanted level where you want to make an instance.
  4. Apply the m², running meter or the pcs
  5. Finish an instance with 'OK'


It is the administrator who choose how much detail you want about the instance. Which means that you not necessarily can choose an overall property. In these cases there won't be an opportunity to tick a box off and you will have to go a level deeper in the detail.   


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