By 'informationlevel' is meant the grade of how much information is wanted for the individual components O&M data.

At RIB we have set our own definition of what the different levels contain. This standard is used by most of our collaborators on most digital handovers. If the used standard on the handover you are working on, does not differ from our standards, then you can see the difinition of the four levels below.

For all level applies the princip, that the data from the lower levels is also included in level higher. Which means that data in level D, also must contain the same data as demanded from level A, B and C.

Level A
Level A components are the least O&M demanding. This level only require name, type and manufacturer, etc.

Level B
On level B, information about materials, warranty and recommendations for O&M planning are also added.

Level C

On level C, there must be added more specific product information, I.E. datasheets, O&M guides and user manuals. Furthermore are photos of the component is also wanted.

Level D
The most demands for O&M data is on level D. This level is mostly used for technical installations and components that are essential for the maintenance. On this level the specific location (instance) is needed.


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