Invite a user

The roles Administrator and Trade owner can invite new users to a list - respectively all user roles and specific users to a trade. 

Overall there is three types of roles a user can get:

  • Administrator
  • Read and write rights
  • Only reading rights

How to:

  1. Open a capture list
  2. Select the menu "Users"
  3. Select the function "Add" depending on whether it's an Administrator or a Contractor who needs access
  4. Enter the user name and e-mail address 
  5. Define the role of the user - A trade must be entered for the Contractor (Definition of roles can be seen by holding the mouse over the little yellow question mark)
  6. Finish with "OK"

NB! If the user email isn't linked to an account, the Administrator will receive a notification when the user has made a profile. Afterwards you need to "Accept" the user in the Capture list under "Invited users"



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