Publish the result

When a Tenderer has submitted their offer and the Tender is finished, the Tender administrator will be able to publish the result. 

How to:

  1. Access the tender which is now placed under "Completed Tenders"
  2. Select the "Tender result" in the left side
  3. Click the "Register Tender result" in the top toolbar
  4. Select the winner and add a comment to the result (If there are multiple winners of a prequalification or no winner, click the button "Other result") 
  5. Select if it's only the administrators or both administrators and Tenderers who gets access to the Tender result
  6. Click "OK"
  7. A message box appears with a standard text you can change. It will be visible in the e-mail the bidders receive
  8. Click "OK"

The chosen users will receive an e-mail afterwards, with information about the publishing of the Tender result - and that it will be available on Docia Tender.


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