How to upload files from a Docia Tender?


You can easily transfer the latest file versions from a completed Docia Tender, to the Workspace in a Docia Project. This requires that you are Administrator of the Distribution space.

Step by Step:

  1. Login to
  2. Click "Applications" in the blue toolbar
  3. Select the application "Project"
  4. Under "Ongoing Docia Projects" is the list of the Projects you have access to
  5. Open a Project by clicking on its title
  6. Select the "Workspace"
  7. Select a folder you want to transfer the Tender specifications documents to
  8. Select "Upload files"
  9. Select the method "Transferral"
  10. Select "Docia Tenders"
  11. Select which Docia Tender you want to transfer files from
  12. Highlight the files you want to transfer and select the "Transfer"


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