How do I view a file? (Download, Open, Preview and Send to print)


There's different functions to view a file in Docia Project. The functions depends on what you need to find out. 

Step by Step - Download:

The function "Download" packs all files in a zip-folder and you can enclose all the metadata. This method is recommended if you download multiple files to e.g. documentation on your own hard drive.

  1. Login to
  2. Click "Applications" in the blue toolbar
  3. Select the application "Project"
  4. Under "Ongoing Docia Projects" is the list of the Projects you have access to
  5. Open a Project by clicking on its title
  6. Find a folder and select one or more files
  7. Select "Download files" via the top toolbar
  8. Select the metadata you want to download with the originals
  9. Click "Next" and save the zip file on your computer


Step by Step - Open:

The function "Open" will give access to the file through a standard program locally on the computer set up to open specific files. This is recommended if you want a fast way to save, print or edit a file. 

  1. Find a folder and select a file 
  2. Select the function "Open" by the bottom toolbar
  3. Left click the link to open the file directly or right click to save the file locally in the original file format


Step by Step - Preview:

The function "Preview" opens the file directly in your browser. There is different previewers depending on the type of the files. This is recommended if you need to view the content of the file quickly and you don't have a program that can open the specific file type. 

  1. Find the folder you want and select a file
  2. Select the "Preview" by the bottom toolbar
  3. Select which previewer you want to use  


Step by Step - Compare:

The function "Compare" can compare two file versions. This is recommended to create a fast overview of the differences of an old and a new file. 

  1. Find a folder and select a file with multiple file versions
  2. Select the "Compare" by the bottom toolbar
  3. Select which two versions of the file you want to compare

The two top files shown, is the old and the new file version. The bottom file is a compared file that shows the differences with red or green, if there's removed or added a change. 


Step by Step - Send files to print:

The function "Send files to print" creates a connection between the files in a Project and an external print supplier. This is recommended if you want to plot the files in their original size.

NB! When you order print, you'll get in contact with a print supplier of your own choice. All further correspondence about the order must be carried out with them and not RIB.

  1. Find a folder and select one or more files
  2. Select "Send files to print"
  3. Fill out the necessary information to the order and choose which print supplier you want to contact


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