Backup and Archive

There are two options to help you preserve your data, if you do not manually download the files. 

  1. Backup sent on a USB, that contains all the files and file versions, included metadata, and it's organized in the folder structure of the Project. The Backup will also contain all History of the Project and also the file versions in Excel format. 
  2. The Project can be transferred to Docia Archive - a solution where RIB continues to keep all documentation in a secure server environment where it's users can easily access the material through a browser and mobile/tablet. 

Order a Backup - How to:

  1. Open the project
  2. Select the module "Personal overviews"
  3. Select "Backup orders"
  4. Select "Order file backup"
  5. Specify how many copies you want, and if you want the newest or all file versions, and what areas and version sets you want on the Backup.
  6. Finish order by selecting "OK"

When you have ordered your Backup, you will be contacted by RIB Support with a price for the Backup (depending on the number of GB) and a request for a final approval. The order will only be binding after this. 

Transfer to Docia Archive - How to:

  1. Contact RIB Support on +45 35 245 250 or via


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