As a user you receive different notifications from a Project and if you can change these to what you want to receive. 

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  • Generel notifications and emails
  • Folder and file monitoring 
  • Notify users about files

Generel notifications and emails

Notifications about new files will be sent by e-mail, to the users of a Project, depending on the areas and folders the users have access to. You can change these if you want to. 

  • Workspace; Daily
  • Publication space; Within 3 hours
  • Distribution space; Within 3 hours

NB: It is recommended that you receive these notifications as it is set up by default. 

Individual Project - How to:

  1. Open the Project
  2. Go to "Personal overviews"
  3. Select "Project settings"
  4. Select the function "Edit project settings" by the top bar
  5. Go to "Notification"
  6. Mark the areas you don't want to receive notifications from and finish with "OK"

All applications - How to:
(NB! This is across all lists and applications, and content of notifications will have to be accessed via the "Communication" when you are logged in.)

  1. Login to
  2. Go to the tab "Personal space"
  3. Select the menu "My settings"
  4. Select "Edit"
  5. Scroll down to "Notifications as e-mail", and select the setting you want

Folder and file monitoring

In the workspace yuo have the opportunity to monitor specific folders and files. Meaning every time there is an update in a folder og an update with a file, you get an email if you are monitoring the folder/filer. 

How to: 

  1. Open a Docia Project
  2. Go to the workspace
  3. Select a folder or a file
  4. Click on the button "Monitor folder" or click on the folder "Monitor file" 


Notify users about files

When a new file is uploaded and distributed, you have the opportunity to send a notification to specific users. This can be an advantage if you have an important fike you want to make some users aware of. 

How to:

  1. Open a Docia Project
  2. Go to the workspace, the publication space or the distribution space
  3. Find the file and mark it
  4. Click on the button "Notify users and contacts" 
  5. Enter the subject and the message
  6. Select the recipients
  7. Click "OK"


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