What is a Digital Handover?

Digital Handover assures a precise and a high quality of the as-built and the O&M documention data. Collection of data during the building process enables the possibility of having your demands to the O&M documentation kept in awe, and eliminate delay in the delivery process.

Delay in the handover process are being eliminated, and all the O&M material can be ready on time for the handover deadline. Time are thereby being saved and problems are avoided.

Because data are being digitally stored, you avoid getting insane amounts of paper, but instead a manageable, systemized and welldocumented O&M database.

When operations and maintenance are being planned from the start, it is much more easy for all parties to produce and deliver the wanted materials. Also it gets easier to document defects in the 1 and 5 year inspections.

By using Docia Digital Handover, a succesfull handover of the finished building are assured.


Building owner

  • Added value to the finished project

Main contractor

  • Safety in the delivery process

  • Saving and reuse of O&M data


  • Overview of material and lower costs for operations

  • Documanetation does not disappear

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