Clarification of concepts; Workspace, Publication space and Distribution space


The Workspace is used by the parties to exchange preliminary documents. It can be e.g. drawings, sketches, details, descriptions, etc. Normally it's the Project planners making the exchange; but other parties who need to follow the project planning can also advantageously be granted access to the Workspace. It can be e.g. the builder. 
Contractors, who have to make a part of the design, can also be granted access to the Workspace. They will be able to download the foundation on which the design will be based on. 

Publication space

The Publication space is used to collect ALL latest files, so the Publication space always contains an updated set of the latest material. 
You can publish files in the Publication space by either uploading the files directly from your own PC or you can transfer the files from the Workspace.   

Distribution space

The Distribution space is used to distribute the latest files to the relevant parties. The files is distributed to the recipients by a Distribution list. Normally each party have a Distribution list. The Distribution space does not contain any files, but it contains references to existing files in the Publication space.
Docia remembers the data, when you publish and distribute a file for the first time. Next time you publish a new version of the file; It'll automatically be released to the selected Distribution lists and also distributed to the correct users. 
It's usually the Project planners and the construction management, who has access to release and distribute files. The files are digitally available to the users with access to the Distibution list, when the files are distributed.

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