Plan recommendations from a Digital Handover

After ending an Digital Handover, you will have a lot of recommendations that need planning, to be part of the operation. 

Overview of unplanned recommendations from Digital Handover - How to:

  1. Go to "Planning and executing"
  2. Mark "Recommendations"
  3. Select the object group regarding the Digital Handover
  4. Select the status "Unprocessed"
  5. Click "Search"


We recommend that you setup a view with a visible plan-button. 

Setup a view with a visible plan-button - How to:

  1. Click on the small arrow by "Selected context"
  2. Select "Create new setup"
  3. Make sure the "Transfer button" is marked
  4. Enter a name
  5. Select the list style "Normal"'
  6. Click "OK" 


If the activity isn't planned, or the recommendation should be executed in another activity, you have to create a new one. 

Create a new periodic activity - How to:

  1. Click "Plan"
  2. Click "Create"
  3. Edit the details of the activity if you want
  4. Click "Forward" and then "OK"


It is possible to add an recommendation to several activities. 

Add a recommendation to an excisting activity - How to:

  1. Click "Plan"
  2. Select "All existing activities"
  3. Select the activity you want to add the recommendation to
  4. Ajust the economy
  5. Ajust the generated activities
  6. Finish with "OK"


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