Create a standard view

As an administrator it is possible to define a standard view to the users of the portfolio, on the different list views the users have access to. 

To setup these lists, you need to create a standard view. 

Create standard view - How to:

  1. Select "System Information"
  2. Go to "Project standard setups"
  3. Click "New project standard setup"
  4. Enter a name and set the list as Active
  5. Click "Create"
  6. The view will now be displayed as an active view


Edit standard view - How to:

  1. Go to a list where you want to define the view
  2. Select the created standard view
  3. Edit the chosen view
  4. Define the view as you want and finish with "OK"

NB: The users will now be able to choose the new standard view.


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